Sabom- nim Andrea *72
4th Dan Taekwondo (WTF)

1st Dan Hapkido

I have been studying Taekwondo and several other Asian and Western martial arts for 20 years. I have started my career in the martial arts with Taekwondo in 1987.

I was trained by the German grand master Alexander Kelch in traditional Taekwondo until my first Dan.
Soon I became interested in the Olympic competitive sport of Taekwondo and fought until 1998 successfully in many tournaments and won titles in Germany and abroad (e.g. Bezirks- and Landesmeisterin, member of the cadre of North Rhine-Westphalia).

After I moved to Cologne to start at the University, my further training in Taekwondo was mainly influenced by grand master Kim, Hong-Nam. Unfortunately master Kim returned to Korea and I moved on to other personalities in martial arts and I intensified my teaching.

Besides Taekwondo I have several years of experience in Hapkido, kick boxing and classical boxing. I try to broaden my horizon by attending training courses and learning different styles of martial arts to develop new effective training methods.

Meditation, Shiatsu, acupressure and health-oriented fitness training can be ways to complete a traditional Taekwondo-training.

Taekwondo has impressed and fascinated me most as a complex system. Its diversity is for me outstanding compared to other styles; Taekwondo can be used for pure self-defense, as a technique to improve body control and experience, as a very dynamic sport to counterbalance stress, for keeping fit or as a competitive sport – and it still has a traditional and philosophical background.

The Korean virtues of politeness, respect for one´s adversary and social interaction and discipline can be found in the weekly training. In the first place martial arts build character and humanity. The bodily fitness and the good feeling of controlling your own body and feel at home in it, is the basis for inner balance – on the way to explore oneself.
I want to pass these positive experiences with and via Taekwondo on to other people.

For this reason I teach Taekwondo (as a certified trainer of the Landessportbund) in several clubs, also as a specialized training for children and competitive athletes.
Self-defense classes are another part of my work, in which effective elements of several martial arts are combined. From 2007 on, I try to inspire others for martial arts as a trainer for the Stadtsportbund Köln. In January 2000 I founded my first own group (the Horangis) and started Taekwondo in the SC Janus.

In the meantime three of my students are approaching the first Dan.
My understanding of the martial art of Taekwondo is traditional and comprehensive. As a trainer I want to teach the complex system and the philosophical background in equal parts. This fascinating and instructive sport can be more than just a sport for everyone – I try to pass on part of this attitude towards life to my students.

Do more than just exist – live.
Do more than just see – watch.
Do more than just touch – feel.
Do more than just read – absorb.
Do more than just hear – listen.
Do more than just listen – understand.

(John H. Rhoades)


Co- Trainer:

Kyosanim Sascha *78
3rd Dan TKD
Sascha trains Taekwondo since 1987.

He received his education until the 1st Dan he by Sabumnim Peter Koslowski in Duisburg – he passed this difficult exam held by grand master Kim Woo Kang, the “father” of ITF-Taekwondo in Germany.
v On his long way in Taekwondo he participated successfully in many semicontact and form tournaments (e.g. 2nd place Open German TKD trophy championship 1998 semi-contact, 1st place international König Cup 2000 – synchronized music forms).
v He is a licensed trainer in the Landessportbund NRW and an excellent choreographer of TKD-Shows.
v Sascha is also expert in the Martial-Arts-Organizational Team for the Gay Games Cologne 2010.

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