The art of weapon less self-defence

A simple translation of Taekwondo means
"art of foot and hand fight"

In Korean it means:
to jump, kick or break with foot
to strike or push with fist or hand
stand for the “way”, the philosophical background

The roots of Taekwondo derive from basic self-defence-forms, which emerged in Korea about 2000 years ago.

The fundamental idea behind TKD is self-defence without weapons through use of the body. Characteristic features of this self-defence are fighting with hands and especially with the feet. Therefore, all movements are based on defensive techniques and tactics to defend against enemy attacks.

From a technical point of view, TKD is a form of attack and defence using the extremities for blocking, pushing, striking and kicking techniques Moreover in TKD there is hardly any part of the body that cannot be used as a defence weapon – all parts of the body (e.g. hands, fingers, fists, ankles, elbows, knees, feet, …) are used in TKD and trained accordingly.
Quick jumps and twists make this a spectacular sport.

However, the whole purpose of TKD is not limited to self-defence and performing hand and foot techniques. In fact development of a certain mind-set, which impacts on all areas of life, is equally important as the physical aspects.

TKD affects both the physical and mental systems. Reflexes and reactivity are trained, organs activated and muscles developed. The fighting spirits well as comprehension and proficiency of the techniques provide strong certitude. The combination of physical strength and disciplined cerebration supply the mental precondition for growing your self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the requirement for humility and tolerance, which are two declared targets of TKD.
A healthy body renders you active and resistant. The harmony between mental and physical balance advances the relationship of the individual to itself, to its family and friends.

TKD resembles a unity that consists of proficiency in formations, fighting and breaking. This proficiency requires a great mental concentration, which can create and unleash almost unbelievable physical strength. Your character will be formed into a strong spirit that will bear up against any living circumstances.

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