With an intensive training it is possible to defend oneself effectively in a self-defense situation. The understanding and internalization of the self-defense techniques is achieved by training for years.

With the training of taekwondo everyone has the possibilities to learn the physical and mental abilities for self defense. However this does not mean that an acute situation will be managed without problems.

Acting in a fight is dependent on a mental readiness, which is again part of an attitude. The relationship between “Do” combined with the physical training are the foundation for this potential. If this potential is disturbed, e.g. by fear, the system is disturbed. As a consequence, an optimal self-defense is no longer possible.

There are different variations of fear; in the self-defense situation fear is often described as reasonable emotional reaction to danger. Fear can elicit a flight or fight response. But if the fear is overwhelming, it can lead to the inability to defend oneself.

Sparring and competitive fighting is a good training for.....

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