Dienstag - Training

Tuesday - Training for everyone
Tuesday: 20-22h

Dojang Sülz
Nikolausstraße 51-53
50937 Cologne
(please see below for detailed directions)

This is the way to get to the Nikolausstrasse.

Nikolausstrasse is located in the district of Sülz.

Approach on foot or with bicycle:
Coming from Weyertal turn into the Nikolausstrasse (blind alley) and enter the school grounds (e.g. if you are coming from Zülpicherstrasse turn left at the kiosk on the corner).

At the end of the street enter the school grounds via a gate and turn left directly (passing a railing). Follow the trail leading you around the school buildings on the right hand side and turn right twice. You enter a second courtyard and see the entry to the Dojang (on the ground floor, not the room in the cellar).

Approach by car:
Parking spaces are available in Weyertal and the adjoining streets; another possibility is to park on the free space between Asta/Studiobühne and Unicenter (the skyscraper on the corner Universitätsstrasse/Luxemburgerstrasse) on the Universitätsstrasse.

Approach by tram:
Tramway 9: stop “Weyertal”
Tramway 8: stop “Universität”
Tramway 16/18: stop “Arnulfstrasse”

Training on Saturday

“Fit & Fight”
Advanced Training
Saturday: 15-17h

Dojang Deutz
Thusneldastrasse 50679 Deutz

So kommt Ihr im Beethovenpark an.

Zugang über Neuenhöfer Allee, Treffpunkt: Spielplatz.

Anfahrt mit dem Auto oder Fahrrad:
Anfahrt über Neuenhöfer Allee, Parkplätze auf der Allee.

Anfahrt mit der Bahn:
- Mommsenstr. od. Hermeskeiler Platz
- Berrenratherstr. / Gürtel od. Euskirchener Str.
- Sülzgürtel od. Klettenbergpark

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