Everyone interested in Taekwondo is invited to participate in a free training.
There are no special dates for beginner´s training – you can simply start any time if you are interested! Beginners can start without a problem and will be integrated in the training successively. During the training the different levels are being trained according to their knowledge.

Only a T-shirt and sweat pants are needed for a first training, Taekwondo is trained barefoot.
Basically Taekwondo is a sport for all ages. If you have special health problems (e.g. a prolapsed intervertebral disc, problems with your heart or high blood pressure) you should consult a physician beforehand.

During the test training the insurance of the SC Janus does not cover any accidental injuries. That is one of the reasons for us asking you to join the sports club SC Janus after you have participated 3 times.

Please tell the trainer beforehand, if you decide to participate in a test training!

We are looking forward to meet you!

Sabom Andrea

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