"Hwanyeong Hamnida" - Welcome to,

HORANGI - the martial art of Taekwondo at SC Janus e.V.!

We practice Taekwondo in accordance with the system of the “WTF” – the World Taekwondo Federation. This website shall provide you with a first impression of Korean Martial Art, as well as us and our training in Cologne.

Open your eyes open your mind – a free trial practise is possible on Tuesdays.

+ self-defence - freestyle - meditation
+ endurance - power – agility
+ self-confidence - volition - concentration
+ respect – self-discipline - community and fun



IAGLMA (International Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists) is a non-profit martial arts and self defense organization which includes all styles, ages, ranks, abilities; is dedicated to education, inclusion, international outreach.
IAGLMA is committed to the ideal of multi-style educational martial arts and self defense seminars and multi-style tournaments. The IAGLMA is our partner for the Gay Games VIII 2010 Cologne Martial Arts competition.
We have a TKD- sister club in San Fransisco the Triangle Martial Arts Association (TMAA). TMAA is an international non-profit organization committed to bringing education, training opportunities, practical support and leadership to LGBTQQI individuals and communities around the world through the medium of martial arts and self-defense training.
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