Our Taekwondo group "Horangi" in the SC Janus was founded in January 2000. It now consists of 40 active Taekwondoin (female and male) ranging from white to black belt. It is a diverse group, most are between 20 and 40 years old.

We do not train for competitions, but try to learn all elements of Taekwondo. The focus of our training is - apart from personal development - the companionship, communication and the common experience.

Our Horangi-life also consists of the group experience apart from the sport. A bicycle tour, a hike and a training camp are always part of our yearly activities. We also engage in honorary activities – helping out at parties of the sports club or the community. Right now the Horangis are part of the planning committee of the martial arts competition for the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne.

We meet up for the (hard earned) Kölsch after training in one of the Bars close to the Dojang to get to know each other better.
We are not affiliated to an association; our Taekwondo style is according to the system of the “WTF”, the World Taekwondo Federation.


Our name means “tiger” in Korean.
“Elegantly the tiger (panther tigris) moves through the forests of Asia. He is the biggest of all wild cats.”
The tiger is an integral part of the Korean mythology and is often depicted in Korean art and literature throughout the centuries; often times he symbolizes courage, certitude and power.
The interpretation of the tiger is manifold. Depending on the date of creation and the historical background the tiger can also symbolize the god of the mountain, an empowering animal, or stand for the reigning political power. The classical Korean tiger also reflects the spirit of today’s Korea – moving through the complex political and business world with regard to its rich cultural background.
In our western understanding the biggest wild cat of the world is dangerous and wild, but also elegant, quick and slinky and often times a big playful cat.
The tiger belongs to the most endangered species in the world.
Our name symbolizes a bridge between Asian mythology and the western state of mind. It is also an attempt to integrate Asian values into western life and combine all good qualities in a Taekwondoin.

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